Telecom expense management solutions

A Collaborative Approach to Cost Improvement

Ezwim Telecom Expense Management Dashboard

Cost Improvement is Everyone’s Responsibility

Commercial-grade technology that empowers all employees within your organization to take ownership of their expenses and drive cost-improvement initiatives.

After 15 years of ongoing investment and enhancements leveraging Ezwim’s unique Lean TEM approach, our portal technology is recognized as a top choice for self-service automation, centralization of process, and control of telecom spend.

Are you tired of trying to tackle this problem with a handful of administrators, manual spreadsheets, and binary actions?

Inspire accountability by empowering your employees to make responsible spend-decisions.

After all, they’re the one creating the costs in the first place.

Easy with Ezwim.


Your Telecom Expense Management model may call for a centralized, localized, or hybrid approach, depending on your company’s organizational structure and preferences.

Ezwim’s flexibility empowers companies with offices in multiple countries supporting multiple carriers to achieve cost savings and efficiency from a global and central view of assets, services, and spend.

In addition, we provide a structured approach that not only identifies problem areas with your program, but guides you through the necessary actions to neutralize and progress.

Sunset your spreadsheets and digitize your operations with a clean, easy-to-use interface that provides all of the business intelligence you need to achieve your cost-improvement initiatives.

  • Expense management

    Ezwim’s Expense Management platform is designed to guide you through the process of managing your technology expenses and driving your cost-improvement initiatives.

  • Change Management

    Centralizing all actions that cause change within preconfigured workflows, including orders and change requests, Ezwim’s Service Manager provides automated approval-routing as an extension of the Expense Management platform to ensure your cost-data never gets out of sync.

  • Expert Support

    Ezwim’s support services are a high value-add option for companies that seek to complement the TEM cloud-based platform with expert management capabilities.

  • Expert Consultancy

    With Ezwim’s expert consultancy services, you can rest assured that every invoice is validated, optimized, and has implemented or exhausted all opportunities for cost-improvement.

Ezwim for Operators

Empower your Customers while Reducing your Operational Costs

A white-labeled solution

Enterprise customers expect their service providers to offer self-service capabilities that go well beyond online bill-presentment and basic reporting tools.

Service providers have initiatives to replace legacy systems and manual processes, decrease provisioning times, create/collect revenue faster, and reduce churn.

Ezwim for Enterprise

Spreadsheets and audits driven by a handful of enterprise administrators may have worked back when Blackberry’s were corporate jewelry, and the rest of us were spraining our thumbs with T9.

Nowadays, things are a bit more complicated and using these tired techniques leave you wondering why you are back to the exact same cost problems you started with and what you are paying your TEM vendor for in the first place.

Ezwim wants to change that paradigm with you.

By providing easy to use, commercial-grade technology that empowers all employees within your organization to take ownership of their expenses and drive cost improvement initiatives, our platform not only provides the immediate time and cost savings you expect, but lays the foundation to ensure your technology expenses never go haywire again.

Ezwim for Resellers

Ezwim assists a wide variety of firms to rapidly realize new revenue streams through licensing of its technology and/or expert consultancy services. Utilizing its award-winning partner platform, Ezwim has a wide stable of Technology Expense Management partners in the Carrier/Operator, Telecom Expense Management (TEM), Wireless Expense Management (WEM),  Managed Mobility Services (MMS), MVNO/Agent, and Managed Service Provider (MSP) spaces worldwide.

The foundation of the Ezwim Partner Program is to provide innovative self-service technology secured through ISO 27001 certification that is backed by expert support. With this philosophy at the core, Ezwim enables its reseller partners to create completely new (or expand existing) revenue streams within the Technology Expense Management categories.