Susan van Muiswinkel

HR Manager

What do you do at Ezwim?

My job is a combination of rolling up your sleeves and just make sure it’s done, and on the other hand taking time to sit down and think about the future of Ezwim. I make sure salaries are paid and contracts are made. I guide management and their team members through a cycle of reviews and short term meetings so everybody knows what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.  I support recruitment of new talent and I am helping the CEO guide the organization to the next level as we grow really fast. Interesting times at Ezwim!

What is challenging you?

Sometimes I need to introduce new ways of doing things, and this might arouse resistance here and there. Adapting to new things cost time, and for some people being busy with HR tasks is just not their thing and keeping them off their main tasks. For example: making people use new (HR) software can be time consuming and tiring if you need to remind them constantly about using it. But once you get to the point that everybody uses it and sees the advantage of it, it saves a lot of time and energy you can spend on other issues. Come to that point, and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What makes you smile?

Ezwim is growing substantially. It’s a so-called Gazelle. This means, it’s going through a phase of trial and error where people need to adapt quickly to changing demands and where pressure is high. The team needs to be really flexible. But it makes me happy to have the feeling of being able to contribute to the growth of a company with a product that has the potential of growing really big. On a day to day basis, this means that besides my more or less routine tasks, I am challenged to create a working environment where people feel comfortable and are challenged at the same time. Where people feel appreciated and can use their talents. Where people really want to be part of the Ezwim team. We’re not there yet, but getting there is, to me, a very interesting path that gives me a lot of energy.  Contributing to helping Ezwim professionalize makes me smile! And… if we’re not talking about work: my two rebellious kids make me laugh when I come home after a day at the office…..

Describe team Ezwim?

That’s a hard one. We’re very diverse, as Ezwim is a referent for foreign employees, so our team consists of all kinds of people. Besides Dutchies, we have people from India, the US, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, etc. The majority has some sort of a technical back ground. A typical Ezwim colleague is someone who put his (or her) teeth in a task and only lets go if the job’s done. A sort of cuddly Pitbull. Someone who is not afraid of using new techniques and who’s open to new approaches. Furthermore, you got to be in for a bbq or a beer once in a while. That’s the Ezwim spirit!