Deep Chakraborty

Integration Specialist

What do you do at Ezwim?

I am the Integration Specialist working for the Product Management team, here in Ezwim. I am responsible in building up a robust and business friendly integration platform which gives the flexibility to Ezwim products to talk to multiple diverse platforms and businesses across the industry.

I am closely working with the development and product management team. Furthermore, I am responsible in gathering all the integration requirements and interpreting them in solution designs and architecture which helps to enrich our product and satisfy our customers globally.

What is challenging you?

I face many challenges such as designing pretty complex integration architecture based on good capture of customer requirements. I’m involved with creating future platforms which help the product to stabilize and act more and more efficiently in order to satisfy our customers. Timelines can always be challenging, however it gives an extra amount of zeal to challenge yourself.

What makes you smile?

A full proof integration design which is implemented successfully and satisfies our customer needs…. This makes me smile. As an integration specialist, I am always interacting with customers, trying to apprehend their specific needs. It makes me smile whenever I see that the design satisfies their requirements through our product solution and hence adding value to their business.

And last but not the least: interaction with fellow colleagues in a team outing with fun, food and drinks makes working for Ezwim an excellent experience.

Describe team Ezwim?

Ezwim is one big family where everybody stands and support each other when needed. Also it is a company where you can find excellent blend of unity in diversity.