Lean telecom

Lean Telecom means hitting the ground running, and building a system for continuous improvement.

What is Lean?

‘Lean’ is a business management philosophy focusing on reducing waste to improve overall customer value. Today, for an enterprise to be lean, it must have in place a continuous business-improvement system that:

  • Eliminates waste
  • Builds lasting capabilities
  • Enables quick decision making

What is Lean Telecom?

Lean Telecom means hitting the ground running, and building a system for continuous improvement. The Lean Telecom Management framework creates an efficient solution that serves your business needs well into the future.

Lean Telecom Management’s primary goal is to maximize sustainable value to all stakeholders of telecom in a company by eliminating waste associated with unnecessary telecom spend and eradicating inefficiencies in the telecom operational processes.

Lean Telecom Management takes a holistic approach to address how technology, people, and policies combine to manage telecom assets, expenses and processes across your organization.

Introducing flexibility into processes and building enterprise capabilities is yet another focus of Lean Telecom Management and is especially relevant to mobile telecom given the fast-paced development and evolution of Mobile technologies.

Lean Telecom Management aims to provide the decision-makers in an enterprise with the necessary tools and actionable information they need, to make quick decisions about their telecom policies, infrastructure and spending.

Lastly, though Ezwim has incorporated elements of Lean Telecom Management in all its products, the Lean philosophy is most clearly articulated in our three most recent managed service propositions:

Mobile Lifecycle Management
Full service solution for telecom expense and telecom cost management

Data Roaming Optimization
Consultancy service for optimizing data roaming cost

Mobile Helpdesk
Comprehensive end-user and telecom manager support services. The Ezwim range of Lean-inspired products will continue to grow in the future.

Lean Telecom means hitting the ground running & building a system for continuous improvement

Lean Telecom Management Services

Mobile Lifecycle Management

With Mobile Lifecycle Management, Ezwim manages the full life cycle of all your mobile devices from ordering-to-disposal and the ongoing daily engagements with your mobile carriers for all new user activations and changes.

Data Roaming Optimization

With data roaming optimization, Ezwim supports companies in optimizing their data roaming costs on a continuous basis.

Mobile Helpdesk

With Mobile Helpdesk services, Ezwim provides comprehensive telecom manager and end-user support by activating an online & off-line support process with a robust ticketing system and a self-service portal.

Implementation Dashboard

Thanks to our implementation experts, our advanced technology, strict implementation protocols, and the innovative Ezwim Implementation Dashboard we achieve high customer satisfaction in an area that is notoriously weak for other TEM vendors.