Ezwim accelerates rollout of Telecom Expense Management Services from months to weeks

Ezwim, the global leader in Telecom Expense Management (TEM) technology, has developed an online tool that significantly speeds up implementation. After an intensive period of development, the fully integrated Ezwim Implementation Dashboard (EID) has been rolled out.

A common complaint often heard from customers of TEM services has been that the implementation of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solutions takes too long. Implementation processes can sometimes drag on for months and even years. Ezwim has therefore used its leading position in TEM technology to do something about it. Through close collaboration between Ezwim implementation consultants and its own software developers, a unique software product has been developed: The Ezwim Implementation Dashboard.

“We are very proud of this new module which no other TEM provider possesses. Ezwim has once again displayed its willingness to listen to the needs in the marketplace, and to act on them accordingly. By means of the Ezwim Implementation Dashboard we give our customers great confidence in the success of an implementation,” says Bram Cool, CEO of Ezwim. “Customers are now always well informed regarding the work we are doing for them, because they can login 24/7 and can monitor the entire implementation process through the Ezwim Implementation Dashboard.”

“We are pleased that we can now give our customers full access to this important process. No more emails or phone calls, just streamlined communications,” says Pieter-Jan Dekker, Operations Manager of Ezwim. “This solution enhances transparency and customer involvement. It speeds up the turnaround of TEM implementation from months to weeks. We continue to innovate, which is fully in line with our Lean way of working.”

How does the Ezwim Implementation Dashboard work

Ezwim’s implementation methodology consists of five phases, which are discussed in advance with the customer. Each phase consists of a number of tasks. Once the implementation commences, the customer gains access to the Ezwim Implementation Dashboard. From that moment on the customer can see exactly how far the implementation process has progressed. After the specific tasks of each phase have been completed, the customer is required to click the “accept” button on the Dashboard. This gives the customer maximum control over the results of the implementation.

About Ezwim

Ezwim is global leader in TEM technology. Ezwim offers a comprehensive portfolio of Telecom Expense Management applications via the internet (Software as a Service). With its TEM applications Ezwim helps companies, carriers, and TEM firms make their telecom costs fully transparent, to reduce these costs and increase efficiency of related processes. Involving employees, real-time information, Lean Telecom, the ISO 27001 certification and far-reaching self-service options are distinguishing factors for Ezwim. The flexible character of Ezwim’s proven technology makes it ultimately suitable for all types of businesses; large, small, national and international. Since 2001, Ezwim has worked with satisfied clients all over the world.

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