Ezwim expands options for Partners

Ezwim has expanded the capabilities of its system for partners and their customers.

The first innovation ensures that partners can now add a “Single Point of Contact” (SPOC). If you have an arrangement with clients that only certain people may help them, you can now easily set that up. In this way all activities and questions generated by the system will immediately reach the right people.

There are also 2 new dashlets added to the Admin dashboard: News & Documents. As a Partner, here you can add relevant news and handy documents for your customers.

In addition, Partners who use the Ezwim Webshop functionality now also have the option to make simple adjustments to the order form. This includes the ability to correctly hide or show certain fields.

Finally, partners can now also create a Splash Screen. A Splash Screen is a Pop-Up screen that is displayed when a customer logs in and is the perfect place for posting important information, news, announcements or useful documents. It is possible to activate multiple splash screens per customer.

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