Ezwim launches Ezwim rTEM+

Ezwim, the global leader in Telecom Expense Management (TEM) technology, launches a new product today, Ezwim rTEM+. Ezwim rTEM+ (pronounced as Ezwim rTEM Plus) gives you Real-Time insight in your mobile telecom usage and prevents “bill shock”.

What is Ezwim rTEM+?

Enterprises no longer tolerate “bill shock”. They demand solutions that will identify and stop excessive spend while it is happening or even before it happens.

In the past, invoices from mobile operators were notorious for their unpredictability. Many companies have adopted bundles to decrease the uncertainty. However, truly “all inclusive” bundles are very rare. If a user downloads a film in a foreign country using his air card, chances are small the carrier will smile and say “that’s included!”. Instead, it will send a “shocking” bill.
Generating these alerts is exactly what Ezwim rTEM+ does.

The basis of the Ezwim rTEM+ solution is an App which can easily be installed on most smartphones. This App monitors voice and data usage and sends summaries to our server. Based on company specific rules, the server then issues Real Time alerts to both Telecom Managers and End Users. These alerts can be both pro-active (threshold might be exceeded in near future) or re-active (threshold has been exceeded). In situations with really high usage levels (such as the film download mentioned above), alerts are sent within minutes.

Another distinct benefit of Ezwim rTEM+ is the automatic population of the mobile asset inventory. As the he solution is deployed, an up-to-date inventory of all smartphones is built up, without any additional effort from the Telecom Manager.

“With Ezwim rTEM+ we again prove to be the Global TEM Technology leader. We created several innovative must-haves that are crucial for every Telecom Manager,” says Bram Cool, CEO of Ezwim. “We can now inform you about what is going on at this very moment in your mobile fleet and also what could happen in the near future. Ezwim rTEM+ fits seamlessly into our Ezwim Lean Telecom framework. This product is worth its +.”

About Ezwim

Ezwim (www.ezwim.com) is global leader in TEM technology. Ezwim offers a comprehensive portfolio of Telecom Expense Management applications over the Internet (Software as a Service). With its TEM applications Ezwim helps companies, carriers, and TEM firms make their telecom costs fully transparent, to reduce these costs and increase efficiency of related processes. Involving employees and extensive self-service options are distinguishing factors of Ezwim. The flexible nature of the proven Ezwim technology makes it easy to work with for all types of businesses; large, small, nationally and internationally. Since 2001, Ezwim has satisfied customers all over the world.

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