Ezwim reinforced its ISO 27001 Certificate

Ezwim is happy to announce that we have successfully passed the fourth annual external security audit and have again been awarded the ISO 27001 certificate for our Telecom Expense Management Services. This re-certification proves Ezwim’s commitment to securing customer data and services.

Given the recent German privacy regulator fines in excess of 25,000 euros across three firms over U.S. data transfers it is important for Telecom Expense Management vendors and clients to understand that many telecom records are considered personally identifiable and Safe Harbor is no longer an adequate standard. Ezwim takes a proactive approach to ensure its clients and partners are well within the new legislation, and is one of the few vendors in this space to carry an ISO 27001 certification for its company, products, and services.

As in previous years, Ezwim passed the audit without a single nonconformity found. Yet, this won’t stop our dedicated team from continuously evaluating and improving our security program. Ezwim takes all necessary measures to keep customer telecom details secure and strives to be on the forefront of technological development and data security.

For any questions on information security please contact us on security@ezwim.com.