Ezwim supports Girls Day 2015 initiative

Ezwim, the global leader in Telecom Expense Management (TEM) technology, is opening its doors during Girls Day 2015 on Friday April 24th for 12 girls from Group 7 of the De Burght public elementary school in Amsterdam. The purpose of Girls Day is to get a jump start on familiarizing girls at a young age with beta sciences, engineering, and IT.

On this day, Ezwim will show the ladies how programming works. The ladies will be working from their own phones or tablet devices. They will have some fun learning to write their first few lines of computer code. By using their own devices, they can continue “tinkering” around at home with their self-made computer program.

“VHTO has taken great initiative in organizing ‘Girls Day’ and we take pleasure in supporting it. Undoubtedly, it is still a ‘man’s world’, but we are fortunately seeing more and more women taking up interest in beta sciences, engineering, and IT,” says Bram Cool, CEO of Ezwim. “We hope we can drum up enthusiasm in these girls to pursue a career in these fields. Apart from that, Ezwim is doing well, given that 33% of our people are women, which is relatively high for a software company.

About VHTO

VHTO is an expertise bureau in the Netherlands that focuses on girls/women and beta sciences, engineering, and IT. VHTO puts on events to increase the participation of girls and women in beta sciences, engineering, and IT in the Netherlands. VHTO also focuses on the entire sequence of primary education, secondary education, beta/technical and IT training in secondary professional education and higher education, all the way to the job market.

About Girls Day

Girls Day is a VHTO initiative for familiarizing girls at a young age with beta sciences, engineering, and IT. This national event takes place annually in April. In 2015, it will be on Thursday, April 23rd. During Girls Day, a host of beta science, engineering, and IT companies and technical or IT departments within several companies will open their doors for girls ages 10 to 15.

About Ezwim

Ezwim is global leader in TEM technology. Ezwim offers a comprehensive portfolio of Telecom Expense Management applications via the internet (Software as a Service). With its TEM applications Ezwim helps companies, carriers, and TEM firms make their telecom costs fully transparent, to reduce these costs and increase efficiency of related processes. Involving employees, real-time information, Lean Telecom, the ISO 27001 certification and far-reaching self-service options are distinguishing factors for Ezwim. The flexible character of Ezwim’s proven technology makes it ultimately suitable for all types of businesses; large, small, national and international. Since 2001, Ezwim has worked with satisfied clients all over the world.

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