Ezwim included in NRC Career’s top ten Best Employers 2014

Ezwim, the worldwide leader in Telecom Expense Management (TEM) technology, has been included in NRC Career’s top ten best employers for 2014. Innovative capacity and a stimulating, opportunity-rich work environment are the most important criteria for inclusion on this list.

The SatisAction/NRC Carrière Best Employer Event 2014 took place last Monday. Previously, SatisAction conducted a yearly “NRC Best Employers Investigation.” During this event, the results of the investigation were presented and the Best Employer Awards handed out. In the past, only organizations with more than 75 employees could take part in this investigation, but this year there was a separate ranking for smaller employers (of 20 employees or more): the New Heroes Ranking. Ezwim was accepted in this category.

The results of the investigation appear on Wednesday, 10 December, in the labor market appendix of nrc.next.

“We are incredibly proud that Ezwim was included in the New Heroes list. It reinforces our feeling that Ezwim is truly a remarkable business, with wonderful people,” says Bram Cool, Ezwim’s CEO. “At the same time, we have set a new course for the personal development of employees. This will allow us to keep better tabs on each individual’s qualities. We can now see that this pays for itself in greater satisfaction, drive and commitment in the workplace.”

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About Ezwim

Ezwim (www.ezwim.com) is global leader in TEM technology. Ezwim offers a comprehensive portfolio of Telecom Expense Management applications via the internet (Software as a Service). Ezwim’s TEM applications help businesses make their telecom expenses completely transparent, help lower them and help increase the efficiency of accompanying processes. The involvement of employees and far-reaching self-service options are distinguishing factors for Ezwim. The flexible character of Ezwim’s proven technology makes it ultimately suitable for all types of businesses: big, small, national and international. Since 2001, Ezwim has worked with satisfied clients all over the world.

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Bram Cool, CEO
Mobile: +31 619781727
Office: +31 88 8884300
Email: bcool@ezwim.com