Ezwim and Work-EAZY Announce Partnership

Ezwim and Work-EAZY announce their partnership. On 28 May, the two parties signed an agreement. Work-EAZY, an independent telecom company based out of Panningen (The Netherlands), excels in giving the best possible support to SMEs in the field of mobile and fixed telephony. To do so, a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution is indispensable. Work-EAZY chooses Ezwim’s TEM suite.

Ezwim from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) is the global leader in TEM technology and delivers its SaaS solution to customers all over the world. Ezwim delivers insight into and control over the overall telecom expenses, processes and assets.

Why Work-EAZY chooses Ezwim

Work-EAZY uses Ezwim’s expense management tools. “We choose Ezwim because they are market leader in the industry, offering the most advanced expense management and business intelligence solutions. This allows us to offer our customers an extensive telecom scan as well as monthly reports. Using the connection to the ‘Work-EAZY customer portal’, our customers benefit from a truly integrated solution,” says Koos Mulder, Managing Director of Work-EAZY.

For Ezwim, supporting Mobile Working is an important theme too. “Our customers’ employees expect to work independently from time and place. Ezwim is a key enabler for that. For example, Ezwim delivers BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions, supporting employees with the right tools and reports, anywhere, anytime,” says Bram Cool, CEO of Ezwim. “With the technology of Ezwim and the market knowledge of Work-EAZY, we are confident to realize significant and ongoing savings on telecom costs for our customers. We look forward to our cooperation with Work-EAZY.”

About Work-EAZY

The rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets has empowered employees to work where they want and when they want. Both productivity and job satisfaction have benefited from this. Fueled by overall lack of transparency, some employers fear that Mobile Working leads to increased costs for mobile telephony, data traffic and management. Work-Eazy mitigates for this concern.

Work-EAZY (www.work-eazy.com) is an independent telecommunications company that fully supports SMEs in all aspects of telecommunication. The service provided by Work-EAZY consists of four pillars:

  • With Eazy Control Work-EAZY realizes savings up to 40% on telecom expense
  • Eazy Support takes away all concerns about non-functioning smartphones and tablets through a replacement and repair service
  • With Eazy Secure company data is protected and devices can easily be “wiped” remotely in case of theft or loss
  • Eazy Technology provides modern technology telecom customized solutions as Internet calling
  • Central to our services is the Work-EAZY portal, an online platform where customers have direct access to all tools and their own, tailor-made web shop and app store. The uniqueness of the Work-EAZY portal lies in the combination of a large number of proven tools. Thanks to this portal Work-EAZY is able to optimize and take full control over the Telecom Management of customer. The portal is fully customized to the wishes of the customer and the employee is in the driver seat.

About Ezwim

Ezwim (www.ezwim.com) is global leader in TEM technology. Ezwim offers a comprehensive portfolio of Telecom Expense Management applications over the Internet (Software as a Service). With its TEM applications Ezwim helps companies to make their telecom costs fully transparent, to reduce these costs and increase efficiency of related processes. Involving employees and extensive self-service options are distinguishing factors of Ezwim. The flexible nature of the proven Ezwim technology makes it easy to work with for all types of businesses; large, small, nationally and internationally. Since 2001 Ezwim works with satisfied customers all over the world.

Media contacts:

Work-EAZY B.V.

Dhr. J.J.A. Mulder
J.F. Kennedylaan 224
5981 WX Panningen
Mobile +31 (0)6-42186622
Office +31 (0)85-7441004
Email koos@work-eazy.com


Directeur Dhr. A.J. Cool, CEO
Science Park 404
1098 XH Amsterdam
Mobile +31 (0)6-19781727
Office +31 (0)88-8884300
Email bcool@ezwim.com