rTEM +

Ezwim rTEM+ (pronounced Ezwim R-TEM Plus) prevents “Bill Shock” by giving you real-time insight into your wireless usage before it is invoiced by your carrier. We pair this service with the ability to set usage thresholds that trigger automated email or SMS alerts so your administrators can investigate plan changes and your users can be reminded to make responsible consumption decisions.

Bill shock can occur in many different situations. Was it the large presentation that had to be downloaded on the way to the big meeting? The emergency conference call that product team had to hop on when they touched down in Tokyo? A toddler enjoying a movie on the company dime because they inadvertently turned the wifi off?

The reasons may differ, but the result is always the same: An invoice that really hurts.

Have no fear. Ezwim makes it easy for you to tackle this challenge from all angles. Our standard platform gives you the ability to prevent the “knowns” through intelligent decision-making, and warns you about the unknowns through rTEMbefore it is too late.

How does Ezwim rTEM+ work?

Some carriers provide unbilled usage in their reporting, but many do not. Since Ezwim delivers globally, we have created a broad-range of unbilled usage-gathering solutions to satisfy any situation.

We have apps for the most common mobile devices (including notebooks), we capture regular feeds from carriers’ websites, or leverage available carrier API’s. Based on your situation, we will collaborate with you to determine best solution so your blind spots disappear.

Regardless of method, unbilled usage is collected, aggregated and analyzed on our server against your plan-specific thresholds. Wherever a user has exceeded the threshold, or more importantly will exceed the threshold in the near future, alerts are sent to both end users and telecom managers to neutralize the situation.

We even have the option to run our apps in “stand-alone” mode which captures and alerts natively from the device itself, so we are not contributing to your data overages.

Do you want to split business vs. personal usage, or enable project/client costing on the fly? rTEM+ can also be used to identify personal spend on the device or assign a call to a project once it is completed. The resulting split is replicated back to the split-billing module on the Ezwim Expense Management server to automate payroll deductions or accounts receivable activities.

Why wouldn’t you give us a call?

It’s easy with Ezwim.

Be alerted about excessive usage before it becomes a billing reality

  • Insight into your Unbilled Usage

    Be alerted about excessive usage before it becomes an invoiced reality

  • Threshold email alert

    Set up alerts in a way that works for your company and your plans

  • Full engagement

    Engage telecom users AND telecom managers

  • Run stand-alone mode

    Run in stand-alone mode if your don’t want any data roaming for certain countries

  • Easy cost allocation

    Facilitate easy allocation of calls to business and private categories

The key benefits


Administrator dashlet
This dashlet is published in the manager dashboard and shows the number of generated messages for each alert. 

Personal dashlet
This dashlet is published in the personal dashboard and shows the 10 most recently generated messages for this user.

Alert types

Alert goes off when extrapolation of the current usage trend shows the user will go over the threshold in the near future.

Alert goes off when a certain percentage of the threshold has been consumed.

On exceeding
Alert goes off when the threshold has actually been exceeded.

Increased usage after exceeding
Alert goes off when the user contains usage even after the threshold has been exceeded.

Integration with Expense Management

Ezwim rTEM+ is seamlessly integrated Ezwim Expense Management (EEM). Amongst others, the asset inventory of EEM will be automatically updated with the applicable device when a user authenticates in the app.

Carrier Integration

Ezwim rTEM+ access available carrier API’s or can capture daily or even hourly unbilled usage feeds from carriers’ websites, provided carriers support this.

Flexible Alerting Options

Alerts can be sent via email or text message. Layouts are freely definable. For each alert, the receiver (end user and/or telecom manager) can be set.

Supported platforms