Invoice processing and Expense Management

Ezwim’s Invoice Processing and Expense Management services are designed to allow you to gain and maintain control over your company’s technology costs, identify missing and unrecognized invoices, enable disputes up to the the smallest rate discrepancy at the Call Detail Record level, and providing prompt attention where you need it.

Invoice Processing and Expense Management services also ensure that your charges are correctly allocated to business departments and/or people so you can track your telecom costs at all levels of your organizational hierarchy.

Leveraging Ezwim’s advanced TEM Suite, Ezwim gives your organization  peace of mind that your telecom invoices are accurate and accounted for.

Using Ezwim’s automated email capabilities, we also ensure that your employees are fully aware of their costs at both a personal and managerial level, are properly educated when anomalous spend behavior occurs, and are empowered to drive your cost-improvement initiatives through intuitive self-service.

Our expert specialists are here to:

Verify receipt and payment for you

Alert you of anomalies and notable variances which require attention

Manage disputes with your carriers

Confirm accurate cost allocation

Manage distribution of monthly spend reports to end-users and managers

Produce intelligent visualizations of your TEM landscape so you can be deliberately decisive