Mobile Helpdesk

With Mobile Helpdesk services, Ezwim provides comprehensive support through activation of an an online and off-line support process with robust ticketing capabilities and a self-service delivery-model.

Ezwim’s Mobile Helpdesk service is comprised of three components:

1. Ordering & Provisioning Support

Telecom managers and end-users can request, manage and track new equipment and service orders from creation to fulfilment through Ezwim’s self-service portal. Ezwim can also provide sourcing/supply chain management services based on unique client needs.

2. Mobile Carrier Management (MACD)

Ezwim’s automated workflow engine provides role-based end-user access and authorization to manage and track any Move, Add, Change, Delete requests that may arise during day-to-day business.

3. Ticket, Phone & Email Support

Smooth, efficient and responsive end-user support is provided through all the phases of mobile lifecycle by means of online, phone and email ticketing, which can be delivered on or off-site based on your business needs.